In 2017, the 3 founders, Patrice, Thomas and Christian, met.
The bet is a bit crazy, Patrice, Motocross competitor, is looking for a way to connect his MX bike and create a virtual training assistant to better prepare himself throughout the season...

The challenge was taken up, and after a first year of research and development and conclusive tests, the MotorsFit MX solution was born...

In our workshops, we worked relentlessly to develop and optimise our interfaces and devices to design a solution that meets sportive expectations.

On the track, we were able to test our solutions in the most extreme conditions: mud, vibrations, sudden movements, speed...

On these same circuits we met you, and you asked us for new functionalities, new fields of application, new types of vehicles.

We have therefore developed new interfaces for the management of vehicle fleets and construction machinery, as well as for connecting and protecting your road bike...
We have also developed a GNSS anti-theft tracking offer for your vehicles or goods (motorbikes, boats, cars, electric bikes, animals).

Our MotorsFit solutions have been designed to meet your needs.
- Easy to install (plug and play)
- Ergonomic and intuitive interfaces
- Robustness, reliability and performance of our equipment
- Scalability & agility of our solutions


Connected motorsports

Connected motorsports

Time and analyse your training sessions

Know the real time position of your machine and protect it against theft

Track and keep up to date with your vehicle's maintenance

Compare your lap times to those of your friends

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Your road bike connected and protected by GNSS

Your road bike connected and protected by GNSS

Real-time tracking of your motorbike

Management of alerts at each entry and exit of the zone

Activity report with monitoring of mileage, activity hours, fuel consumption, etc.

Routes history - distance travelled, speed, stops..

Share your rides in GPX format

Maintenance management: calendar or mileage

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Management of vehicle and construction equipment fleets

Management of vehicle and construction equipment fleets

Protect your construction vehicles, light vehicles and accessories against theft

Manage the maintenance of your machines and avoid costly breakdowns

Be alerted to inappropriate use or movement

Supervise and monitor the working hours of your teams

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MotorsFit GPS tracker to protect all your belongings against theft

Anti-theft tracker to protect all your belongings!

Geolocation of your property in real time

Protection against theft: alert when leaving the surveillance zone

Long battery life and easy installation

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Nos boîtiers MotorsFit


    MotorsFit OBD Pro

    157.50€ (excl. tax) then €12.50 (excl. tax)/month

    189.00 €

  • #BTP

    MotorsFit BTP 100

    107.50€ (excl. tax) then 12.50€ (excl. tax)/month

    129.00 €

  • #BTP

    MotorsFit Coins


    29.00 €

  • #BTP

    MotorsFit ONE or MotorsFit Tracking charger kit

    0.00 €

  • #MOTO

    296.00 €

  • #BTP

    MotorsFit ONE MX Universal adaptable cable


    32.00 €


    MotorsFit ONE MX Universal


    99.00 €


    MotorsFit ONE Telematic


    129.00 €



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