What are the differences between MotorsFit trackers and others?

You have probably all seen trackers for less than 100€, with or without subscriptions, and trackers for more than 300€ with subscriptions, why such differences?

To put it simply, there are 3 categories of trackers:

-The basic ones in which you have to put a sim card yourself. The basic ones, in which you have to put a sim card yourself, and then the position of the vehicle is queried via SMS. The advantage is obviously the price, but several disadvantages are associated with it, such as the absence of a history of movements (essential traces for the police for their investigations), the risk linked to white zones (sim card with a single operator) and the absence of details as to the accuracy of geolocation (which can vary by several hundred metres...). In short, they will allow you to locate your vehicle briefly and approximately, but will never be a tool for the police to recover your property (we could also add the quality of the system's autonomy as well as its ability to resist constraints such as water, dust and Kärcher...?)

-Models without subscriptions. These work with low frequency radio networks (Lora or Sigfox). Here again they can be interrogated via sms to give you a position, and as far as the position is concerned, it can vary by several kilometres! They are moreover limited in the number of positions taken during the day. Same remark as before for the autonomy and the resistance to constraints, and there again, unusable by the forces of order.

-Models with subscriptions and history. These are the models that equip all luxury cars (they have been imposed by insurers from a certain value of vehicle, proof of their effectiveness). They are most often multi-operator and international to avoid white zones. They are accurate (to the metre), and can be remotely configured, often equipped with options (remote starter disabling, etc.). They are used daily by the police for their investigations and the dismantling of networks. Their statistics speak for themselves: they enable 7 out of 10 stolen vehicles to be recovered. This is the positioning of the MotorsFit units.

Will my MotorsFit device allow me to reduce the price of my motorbike insurance? 

As mentioned above, insurers require such devices for vehicles over a certain value (€60,000). (proof of the effectiveness of the system).

As for the savings you can expect, La Mutuelle des Motards lowers the excess if you install a GPS tracker. Other insurers also offer other facilities, but one thing is certain, this is an element of negotiation for you.

Vehicle theft: What to do?

First of all, inform us so that we can start the search.
Then, within 24 hours, file a complaint at the police station or the nearest gendarmerie to the place of theft. You will be given a receipt for your report. This step allows the search to be launched. It will also release you from liability if the thief causes an accident. This step will also allow you to report the presence of a geolocation tag on your vehicle and to put the police in contact with our services. 

What services does the Web Platform offer?

All our subscriptions include the MailAssist service, which is your permanent link to the web interface. It offers you the possibility to change your settings in a personalized way. You move, you have to leave your motorbike at a tuner for a few days and you want these new areas to have exit alerts, we set them up. You want to work on an improvised enduro special, we integrate these parameters. Your questions, our answers: contact@motorsfit.com

I have ordered a box or I have paid the first month's rental, how do I subscribe?

Once your payment has been made, you will receive an email with a link allowing you to register to create your account and thus have access to your personal interface.
In the case of a purchase of a box, you will receive a SEPA direct debit authorisation to be filled in and signed, together with your bank details, in order to set up the chosen subscription.
In the case of the subscription of a rental contract, you will receive the same elements as above, it will be necessary there too to return them to us, accompanied by a check of guarantee of 300€ (not cashed). 

Why take your own chronos?
We are convinced, and this is our favourite phrase, "you only progress on what you measure". For this reason, even if you do not participate in races, to keep your motivation and to see your progress, it is recommended to compare yourself to yourself, it is an important foundation.
In the same way, our various analyses, such as the lap time curve, allow you to measure the quality of your physical condition, and there too, making progress contributes to your safety, another important foundation of motor sports...

You did not find the answer(s) to your question(s) in this FAQ?

Do not hesitate to come back to us by e-mail, we will answer you: contact@motorsfit.com​