Managing and protecting your motorbike

To meet your motorbike management and geolocation needs, MotorsFit has developed an intuitive interface in line with the expectations of motorcyclists.

This interface offers the following features: 

  • Real time tracking of your motorbike.
  • Alert management - entering and leaving zones
  • Activity report with tracking of mileage, activity hours, fuel consumption...
  • Routes history - distance travelled, speed, stops...
  • Export of your rides in GPX format
  • Maintenance management: calendar or mileage/hourly


Your motorbike's position updated every second

At any moment, you know
where your motorbike is

Activity report

Cumulative over several months

Monitoring of fuel consumption

Distance travelled, maximum speed...

Driving time

Routes history

Daily detail

Display of the day's roadtrip with details: departure point, arrival point, stops and restarts

Duration of operation of the motorbike of the day

Time range of the day

Exporting the route in GPX for sharing with your friends​

Maintenance of your motorbike

Calendar or mileage/hourly deadlines

Maintenance management tool to create alerts when your bike is due for maintenance

Anti-theft tracking

GNSS protection against theft

Surveillance zones with email alert at each entry and exit of the monitored zone

Real-time tracking of your vehicle's movements


MotorsFit ONE ROAD : 99,00€ TTC

Subscription: 9,90 € TTC/month

Degressive rate according to quantities

Our GNSS road bike beacons :

296.00 €

MotorsFit ONE MX Universal adaptable cable


32.00 €