Connect and geolocate your fleet with MotorsFit!

MotorsFit vehicle tracking devices collect telematics data from your fleet which is then transmitted to the fleet management platform.

Thanks to MotorsFit fleet tracking, you know the exact position of each of your vehicles in real time, allowing you to optimise the use of your fleet. With GPS geolocation, you can optimise your journeys by quickly identifying the collaborator closest to an intervention zone.

You can also reduce your fuel consumption by up to 15% by reading the data on the dashboard and analysing the driving behaviour of your drivers!

Our vehicle geolocation solution gives you access to information about your fleet's usage, driving time, on-site time spent, driving behaviour, routes taken and more !

NEW: Anti-disconnection cable available as an option for cars, trucks and lorries!

The MotorsFit solution is COMMITMENT FREE.

Features of the MotorsFit system


Position updated every minute

Follow your interventions on sites in real time

Optimise your routes

Improve your customer service

Increase your chances of post-theft recovery

Activity report

Cumulative over several months

Follow your fuel consumption in real time and later

Monitor usage outside working hours

Eco-driving (braking, acceleration, sharp turns & excessive speed)

Routes history

Daily details

Route of the day

Details of stops and restarts of the journey

Calculate number of operating hours of the day

Hourly range of the day

Fleet maintenance

Automatic service reminders

Prevention of costly breakdowns or downtime

Reminders on date or due mileage/hour

Automatic service tracking

Optimisation of maintenance costs

Anti-theft tracking

GPS protection against theft  

Surveillance zones with email alert at each entry and exit of the monitored zone

Real-time tracking of your vehicle's movements

Special anti-disconnection cables

Geocoding reverse

Daily detail

Automatic calculation of the time spent by your teams on each site

Geolocation of vehicle stops with exact address

Trip report in table form

NEW Geolocation of tools

Real time position of the tool

List of material transported by a vehicle on the move

Automatic inventory of tools on site or in the warehouse


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MotorsFit OBD Pro

157.50€ (excl. tax) then €12.50 (excl. tax)/month

189.00 €

MotorsFit BTP 100

107.50€ (excl. tax) then 12.50€ (excl. tax)/month

129.00 €

MotorsFit Coins


29.00 €

MotorsFit ONE or MotorsFit Tracking charger kit

0.00 €

MotorsFit ONE MX Universal adaptable cable


32.00 €


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