MotorsFit GNSS tracker to protect your property from theft

To protect your property against theft, MotorsFit has developed a simple and intuitive interface to always keep an eye on your belongings.

This interface offers the following features:

  • GNSS geolocation in real time
  • Email alerts at each entry and exit of the monitored area (garage, garden...)
  • History of movements, with several years of history


Position updated every 10 minutes


Daily detail

Display of your trips of the day with details of departure point, arrival point, and route

Routes history to be reported to law enforcement in case of theft

Anti-theft tracking

GNSS protection against theft

Surveillance zones with e-mail alerts at each entry and exit of the surveillance zone

Real-time monitoring of your property's movements

Our GNSS trackers against theft

MotorsFit OBD Pro

157.50€ (excl. tax) then €12.50 (excl. tax)/month

189.00 €

MotorsFit Tracking Rental Package

1€ device then 12,50€/month

89.00 €

MotorsFit ONE ROAD

99€ then 9,90€/month

99.00 €