MotorsFit offers you its sponsorship program!

If you are looking for a sponsor to accompany you in your 2023 sports project, we would be delighted to study your profile.

The principle is very simple:

  1. The first condition is to be equipped with a MotorsFit device (if this is not yet the case, special conditions will be granted to you)
  2. Second condition: participate in several races during the 2023 season

Endowments :

MotorsFit works in various fields, motocross, fleet management of professional or construction vehicles, protection against theft of various goods (cars, animals, electric bikes, skips, trailers, power tools, etc.)

For each sale made through you to your friends, we offer to give you an endowment. Gift vouchers to be redeemed at our distributor partners or motorbike dealers, financial endowment if you have an association or company, or credit notes to be redeemed in our shop (tyres, devices...).

Being a user yourself will necessarily simplify the explanations you can give to your acquaintances.

Note that these sales may be the result of a connection between our services and one or more potential customers, we will not ask you to always make the sales pitch, we will take over in specific or complex cases.

The commission is :

  • 20% on each device sold
  • 10% on associated subscriptions

(Example: a fleet of 12 company vehicles, estimated average fee 450€)

There is no limit, the more active you are, the bigger your endowments will be!

If you have a book or file, do not hesitate to send it to us.

We hope to count you among our support pilots soon!

The MotorsFit team.