MotorsFit Coins

Geolocation of power tools, small machines, trailers, tippers, objects...

  • Allows the Tracker function to be used in conjunction with a MotorsFit Coin
  • Position scan every 30 seconds
  • Precise addressing on Google Maps and maps
  • Associated monthly subscription at 1.50€/month
  • Autonomy of several years
  • Protection rating IP67
  • Various applications on request (temperature monitoring, % humidity, magnetic detection, etc.)

29.00 €

MotorsFit Coins

MotorsFit Coins :

  • Reduces loss, theft, forgetfulness of equipment
  • Allows immediate location (at the depot, in a van, etc.)
  • Easily concealed (size of a 2 euro coin)

Might be use for geolocation of tools, geolocation of tippers, geolocation of portable tools, cold chain monitoring, humidity monitoring, door opening detector, trench opening detector...