MotorsFit OBD Pro

Compatible with all vehicles and machines with an OBD plug

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Real-time geolocation
  • Protection against theft
  • Activity Reports/Eco-driving/Prevention
  • Mechanical maintenance management
  • 4G, 3G, 2G and underground (LTE-M) communication
  • New! Live" vision of the vehicle's dashboard (fluid temperature, engine speed, possible fault codes, etc.)

189.00 €

MotorsFit OBD Pro
157.50€ (excl. tax) then €12.50 (excl. tax)/month

Your MotorsFit OBD Pro allows you to protect your fleet of vehicles against theft :

  • Alert when system disconnection or battery discharge is detected
  • Detection of exit from areas under surveillance (warehouse, construction sites, etc.)
  • Optimal communication 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE-M,
  • Coverage even in basements

It also allows you to optimise your yields by reducing the costs associated with your fleet :

  • Detection of risky behaviour (road accidents are the second most frequent cause of accidents in the construction industry)
  • Detection of resource-consuming behaviour (tyres, brakes, fuel, etc.)
  • Detection of weekend use
  • Monitoring of fuel consumption
  • Monitoring of working hours of machines and equipment
  • Management of maintenance and upkeep: on date (technical inspections, revisions, etc.) or at kilometre/time intervals (oil changes, tyres, parts to be changed, etc.)
  • Integrates Dashboard MotorsFit technology (instantaneous view of essential vehicle data: battery voltage, fluid temperature, engine rpm, etc.)

It supports you in improving your customer service :

  • Real-time position (updated every minute) allowing for efficient breakdowns or emergency interventions