MotorsFit ONE MX Universal

Compatible with all motorbikes (2-stroke, 4-stroke, all cylinders...) 
ONE MX Universal, adaptable from simple anti-theft tracker to complete training assistant:

  • Anti-theft tracker
  • Adapted to the constraints of Motocross (mud, vibrations, HP washer...)
  • Protection rating: IP67
  • Dimensions: 7.9cm x 4.3cm x 2.2cm
  • 1200mAh internal battery
  • CE conformity
  • Training Assistant options
  • Rounds analysis
  • Lap-by-Lap Timing
  • 2 modes of laps comparison
  • Hour counter
  • Subscription without commitment, you stop or resume when you want, or you change options (MX Full 14,90€ or Tracking 8,50€/month)
  • It is recharged via a charger for 2-stroke motorbikes, and when the motorbike starts for other motorbikes, WITHOUT DRAINING THE MOTORCYCLE BATTERY (the use of the mains charger is recommended in case of important movements with the engine stopped, in a truck for example)

When ordering, please let us know the make/model/year of your motorbike via so that we can send it with the appropriate connectors

You only order the device, the procedure for subscribing to the subscription of your choice will be detailed in your package.

99.00 €

MotorsFit ONE MX Universal

Your MotorsFit ONE MX Universal adapts to your needs !

It can simply geolocate, in real time, your motorbike:

  • Garage exit alerts
  • History of all trips for law enforcement investigation and recovery in case of theft
  • Security of your practice, your relatives can know your position in real time

Or become, in addition, a complete training assistant:

  • Number of rounds
  • Duration of rounds
  • Lap times
  • Time curve over the round
  • Your circuit reference time
  • Your best time of the day
  • Your maximum speed
  • Your average lap time
  • Analysis of your trajectories
  • Route function to circuits

It also ensures the good mechanical health of your motorbike:

  • Keeps track of your bike's "real" hours (riding on the track, not when it's warming up on the tripod)
  • Tells you when parts need to be cleaned, checked or changed