MotorsFit ONE Telematic

ONE TELEMATIC, the virtual training assistant by MotorsFit:

    For KTM, JUSQVARNA and GASGAS 4-stroke Cross bikes only

  • Rounds analysis
  • Lap-by-Lap Timing
  • 3 lap comparison modes including engine lap analysis
  • Adapted to the constraints of Motocross (mud, vibrations, HP washer...)
  • Subscription without commitment, you stop or start again when you want
  • Precise geolocation as soon as the engine is running or the device is charged
  • Connection to a diagnostic socket, no consumption of the motorbike battery (the battery pack is recharged when the engine is running, but the use of the mains charger is recommended in the case of long journeys with the engine switched off, in a truck for example)
  • Internal battery 1800mAh
  • Multi GNSS: GPS, Glonass, Galileo
  • CE Conformity
  • Protection rating: IP68
  • DashBoard MotorsFit" technology (live motorbike data on your phone: fluid temperature, engine rpm, % acceleration, battery voltage, etc.)
  • Subscription without commitment, you can stop or start whenever you want (MX Full Telematic 14,90€/month)
  • You only pay for the box when you order, the procedure for activating the services will be detailed in your package.


129.00 €

MotorsFit ONE Telematic

Your MotorsFit ONE TELEMATIC becomes your training assistant:

  • Number of rounds
  • Duration of rounds
  • Lap times
  • Time curve over the round
  • Your circuit reference time
  • Your best time of the day
  • Your maximum speed
  • Analysis of your tracks
  • The analysis by integrating the engine revolutions and the % of throttle opening! (amazing for dropping your times)
  • Route function to circuits

It also ensures good mechanical health:

  • Counts the "real" hours (activity on the track, not in the park or warming up)
  • Tells you when parts need to be cleaned, checked or changed

It provides a geolocation function:

  • Determines the precise position as soon as the engine is started or after charging
  • Does not consume any battery power
  • Secure your practice, your relatives can know your position in real time