GPS timing and virtual assistant for motocross bikes

To meet the needs of autonomous timing and tracking of motocross bikes, MotorsFit has developed a precise and intuitive system in line with the expectations of riders.

The system has the following features:

  • He accompanies you during your training sessions (duration of the rounds, time trials, highlighting of the weak points of the circuit, etc.)
  • It follows the maintenance of your motorbike (oil changes, replacements, checks...)
  • It gives you in real time the position of your motorbike and warns you by e-mail in case of suspicious movement
  • It checks the state of charge of your motorbike battery, if your motorbike has one and you have a wired MotorsFit device
  • It is permanently connected to your computer, tablet or smartphone

MotorsFit MX on video

Url de la video


Details of your sessions, such as :

Round durations

Lap-by-lap times,
and best times of the rounds and of the day

Analysis and comparison of
your tracks on map

Route to circuits

MX & SX circuit map

Find a track anywhere easily

One click to access it

Interactive interview

Follow-up of the maintenance of your motorbike

Easily track the maintenance of your motorbike according to your riding hours

Pilots ranking

MotorsFit pilots rankings

Follow your ranking among
all MotorsFit pilots 
on your favourite circuits

Anti-theft tracking

GPS protection against theft

Tracking your vehicle's movements


Position of your motorbike updated at each start

Secure your practice, your relatives can know your position if you wish


Device ONE MX Universal : 119,00€ TTC

Subscription: 14,90€ TTC/month

Decreasing rate according to volume

Our GPS devices for motocross :

MotorsFit ONE MX Universal


99.00 €

MotorsFit ONE Telematic


129.00 €

219.00 €

139.00 €

139.00 €

139.00 €

139.00 €

149.00 €

149.00 €

149.00 €

149.00 €

159.00 €